Cable glands

From the market we understand that customers are not happy with the dominance of the few producers of cable glands.

To respond to these rumours, we started developing our own INDEX Ex d / Ex e cable glands in 2008. It then took until 2010 for this new line of glands to be certified with all the ATEX certifications. The now well-known INDEX cable glands of the IR series for Ex e and Ex d applications with certified cables, and the IB series for all other Ex d applications that need to be filled with compound perfectly meet the stated principles and are widely used worldwide to feed cables into Ex housings.

Of course, we have the entire range in stock in both brass and nickel-plated brass versions. The cable glands are also available in Stainless steel 316; these are in limited stock.

To complete the range of cable glands, we also have all accessories such as adapters, reducers, blind plugs, earthing rings, nipples, nuts and shrouds. These also are in stock in both brass and nickel-plated brass versions.

We also supply a complete range of polyester Ex e cable glands, adapters, reducing and nuts from stock.

For more information, such as the manual, certificates, prices and current stock, see our webshop.