About Index Elektro

Years of experience in the field of explosion safety, control technique and engineering were joined in the company Index Elektro BV in the year 2001. Both the company name and the company logo clearly show that Index Elektro is fully concentrated on the explosion proof market. Our vision is that quality, short delivery times, flexibility, a good relationship between price and quality and safety are paramount.

This has led to the situation that Index Elektro is known worldwide as a company which supplies products and solutions for all kinds of applications in the field of explosion proof technology.

Directly after its foundation Index Elektro was certified for the quality systems of ISO 9001, ATEX and later the IECEx directive. This is one of the reasons why our workshop is certified for working on explosion-proof materials and products.

One of our first product certificates was our control and distribution boxes certificate. As a result, we were able to fill the empty ATEX enclosures with equipment and wiring, and then attach a new, full ATEX label. This certificate has already been updated several times and it has been expanded with the IECEx directive so that we are even better able to put together your flameproof (Ex d), increased safety (Ex e) or pressurized box (Ex p).

But it doesn’t stop there. We already have a large number of products compliant with the ATEX and IECEx directive, and remain committed to develop new products.

Index Elektro on national television

Index Elektro recently was on national television in the RTL Z program “Doe maar Duurzaam” (Just be Sustainable). In the program, CEO Jan Willem Weeda explains what explosion protection means, which customers use it and why stock is so important to these customers.

You may be wondering what explosion protection has to do with sustainability. Many Index customers are in an industry that is not sustainable. Yet we say that we are actually concerned with sustainability.

Processes with a risk of explosion will always exist. Consider, for example, substances such as flour and milk powder. But there is also a risk of explosion in new energy sources such as hydrogen and ammonia. Furthermore, it is a fact that any explosion that can be prevented benefits the environment, people and animals. Many disasters in the past did not occur because of our industry, but precisely because of the lack of proper security measures. And those are precisely the products that Index Elektro produces and supplies.


Index Elektro has a number of product groups that are largely assembled in our ATEX and IECEx certified workshop in Zuidland. From the Ex enclosure product group, we supply different types of enclosures that are compiled based on the application and specification. We can roughly divide the different enclosures into 3 groups, the flameproof Ex d enclosures, the increased safe Ex e enclosures and the overpressure enclosures Ex p.


Already in 2013 we launched the first webshop in the Netherlands specifically for products suitable for hazardous areas.

We started with no fewer than 4000 products, from cable gland to lighting fixture and from reducer to push button cabinet. Today the shop has grown into a huge database with all product information that could possibly be needed.

In the same simple way as before, you can find all the information you need for the many thousands of explosion-proof products. From price and delivery time to documentation, specifications, manuals and certificates, everything is easy to find and free to download.

Many customers use the webshop as a source of information and a database to collect all the required datasheets and certificates. Orders are then mailed to us from SAP / ERP systems or are ordered directly from the shop. The correct information is than already downloaded on your computer

Product groups

Index Elektro has divided its complete delivery program into 9 different product groups, each with its own purpose.

As soon as you visit our webshop you will immediately see these product groups appear as a selection option. If you open our documentation you will immediately see the same division. Most products within these product groups, with the exception of product group I, are made entirely or partially by ourselves. For chapter I, we apply to represent these products as a distributor or reseller in the Netherlands.

These 9 groups jointly provide a complete program of installation materials for the potentially explosive environment. Because the enclosures are often provided with the required materials and cable gland on customer specification, these are normally not offered via the webshop.  After mail and / or telephone contact, these enclosures are offered by us with a price and delivery time by e-mail.

By clicking on the overview circle above you will get more information about the relevant product groups.


Of the thousands of products that we sell, most are already in our warehouse. We also have separate parts for many other products so the workshop can have the products ready for shipment within a short period of time.

Quality and testing

Quality can be broken down into different parts. As a manufacturer of explosion-proof materials you are required to provide operational management with a quality certificate in accordance with standard NEN-EN 80079 – 34. For Index Elektro, this means that our business operations are certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 and with ATEX and IECEx standards NEN-EN 80079.

Cable gland production

From the market we understand that customers are not happy with the dominance of the few producers of cable glands. To respond to these rumours, we started developing our own INDEX Ex d / Ex e cable glands in 2008.

Index Elektro – Engaged in our society

In addition to the products we deliver, Index elektro is also part of society. We too see the social problems that are going on in the world.

Both owners are therefore practically and financially involved in various projects. To give you an idea of ​​these projects, two projects are described here in which they have been involved for several years. For more information, press the logos at left.