Index Elektro has a number of product groups that are largely assembled in our ATEX and IECEx certified workshop in Zuidland.

From the Ex enclosure product group, we supply different types of enclosures that are compiled based on the application and specification. We can roughly divide the different enclosures into 3 groups: the flameproof Ex d enclosures, the increased safe Ex e enclosures and the overpressure enclosures Ex p.

In our workshop we have all the necessary facilities to process these different enclosures.

On our self-designed milling machine, the glass-fiber reinforced enclosures are provided with hole patterns for cable glands, push buttons, signal lamps, switches, amp- and volt-meters, service windows etc. There is also a punching machine for the stainless steel enclosures and a drilling machine for the aluminum enclosures. Rail and wiring shears complicate the equipment for mechanical operations.

In addition to the mechanical operations, the wiring, if desired provided with wire numbers, is installed and connected in the housings.  We have the plotters ready for the different systems. Furthermore, the various measuring instruments are waiting to test the housing for functionality and to perform the various ATEX / IECEx mandatory routine tests.

We also work in our workshop on lighting fixtures, control and signaling cabinets, switches and various other explosion-proof materials.