Quality and testing


Quality can be broken down into different parts. As a manufacturer of explosion-proof materials you are required to provide operational management with a quality certificate in accordance with standard NEN-EN 80079 – 34. For Index Elektro, this means that our business operations are certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 and with ATEX and IECEx standards NEN-EN 80079.
In addition, all our products and enclosures are provided with ATEX and / or IECEx certificates. To meet the requirements of this certification, all of these products must pass a number of quality tests. All these tests are performed by us according to special protocols. These checks are in turn assessed via the quality system.


To be able to deliver quality, products and enclosures must comply with all standards, regulations, requirements of our customers and of course with the requirements set by Index Elektro.

To guarantee this quality, each individual product is exposed to a large number of tests. Part of these tests are carried out at our site in Zuidland, another part takes place at our factories worldwide. To give you an impression of this, we have highlighted a number of tests.

Compression strength
This test determines whether the product can withstand an explosion from within. This is tested by filling a casing such as an Ex d box with air up to a maximum of 10 Bar, or by putting it at a water pressure of a maximum of 16 Bar. Of course, the part may not show any defects as a result.

Dust and water resistance
Most products are tested for dust and water tightness. In the dust-tightness test, the products are placed in a so-called dust box. After they have passed a swirl of dust for a set number of hours, it is determined whether they meet the desired dust density.

The influence of water is determined during the water tightness tests. In this test, the product is exposed to water droplets, water jets and even complete immersion. In the adjacent washing machine, water is sprayed from all sides on our contacts. After the dust and water resistance tests have been carried out, the IP value can be determined (IP = Ingress Protection).

Impact resistance test (impact test)
The purpose of this sample is to determine whether a product can withstand an external impact. For this we drop a weight on the product from a certain height. Depending on the product and certification, both the height and weight are determined.

Testing of minimum and maximum ambient temperature
To perform this test on a sample basis, we use ovens and freezers in which the products are heated and then cooled for a few weeks. As soon as the products come out of the freezer, it is determined whether they still meet the requirements.

Mechanical lifetime test
For products with mechanical movements, it is determined how many times the movement can take place without defects. That is why we can guarantee that our limit switches can switch smoothly 8 to 10 million times.

UV Test
This test determines the influence of UV radiation on the product. After the product has been exposed to UV radiation for a period of time, it is checked whether the impact resistance and the IP value have changed.

Thread check
All threads are checked on a random basis. This check is done by checking with calibers whether the thread is within the set tolerance.

Visual check
All products are visually inspected upon arrival on the basis of the required test protocols. Attention is paid to damage and deviations. After approval, vulnerable parts are immediately provided with a protection which ensures that everything remains in optimum condition during the further production process. If necessary, our laser engraving machine immediately provides the required (Ex) marking.

Routine testing
All enclosures must meet a number of routine tests before they can be provided with a full enclosure certificate. These tests include a high voltage test, a meggertest, an overpressure test for cabinets for overpressure, a voltage test, a conductivity test and a functionality test.

All these tests are performed using a protocol. All test results are part of the certification.

Exit check
All products are checked again before shipment so that we can be sure that we are using the right items, the right numbers and the right address. This check is also done with a protocol that records all data. We also pay a lot of attention to the packaging of the products so that we are sure that it will arrive at the customer undamaged.

Periodic consultations
All quality issues are raised periodically. Everyone at Index Elektro is aware that quality has the highest priority. Any defects and shortcomings are evaluated and analyzed. As a result, possible solutions to prevent recurrence are quickly found and introduced.

There is also regular contact about quality and there are quality inspections at all companies that produce (half) products for us.

Quality systems

Thanks in part to the above approach and vision, we have been in possession of certified quality systems in accordance with ISO9001, Atex and IECEx since our establishment.