Product group F – Lighting fixtures

A lot has changes in the last few years when it comes to lighting. The old light bulbs are under the gone  and everyone is looking for LED. This also applies to the explosion-proof market. Many fixtures have been re-certified for LED lighting and many special fixtures have been made.

This starts with the standard fluorescent fixtures that we have again certified with special 30 watt LED strips, also equipped with battery for emergency lighting. The small and less heavy LED floodlights of 30W, 45W and 60 Watt and the larger floodlights of 120W, 160W and 200 Watt LED have all been certified for use in zone 1. The special emergency lighting fixtures are also new in this product group, whether or  not provided with an emergency label. And there is a new inspection lamp in this program.

Of course, the old trusted Ex d TL fixtures and the Ex d arrow glass fixtures, the ceiling and wall lighting fixtures in Ex d and the old trusted Sodium High pressure floodlights in 250 and 400 Watt are still available.

If desired, we can set up a lighting plan for you.

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