Product group C – Ex control and indication units

For installation in polyester or stainless steel – Ex e enclosures, we have a range of control and indication units in stock.

This program starts with the contact blocks consisting of 2 or 4 contacts, in addition a large number of operating components such as pushbuttons, emergency stop buttons, rocker switches, standard switches, key switches etc. But there is more, we have indication LEDs in the different voltages and colors, illuminated push buttons and potentiometers.

Do you want it in a special cabinet with one or more controls, these are also in stock. But we can mount the components in all our polyester Ex e enclosures of the INDEX.E.F type and in all our stainless steel  Ex e enclosures.

In addition to this program of operation and signaling, we also supply Amp meters, 4 – 20 mA meters and voltmeters.

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