Index Elektro has been committed to the underprivileged in this world for years. One of the projects in which we are involved is the OASIS children’s work with projects in Brazil, Indonesia and India.

If there is something that touches our heart, then it is the children who suffer and possess virtually nothing. Many of them live on the street and do not have a warm house, not even a room, bed, chair or table. Some have the luxury of a thin mattress or wicker mat to sleep on, something that we would call a piece of curtain or sheet today. Others just lie on the dirty ground or cold floor. No pillow, no blanket, no socks, let alone shoes or sandals. There are many children who spend the night in the open air and do not know where their next meal should come from. Many children come from broken families, many have been abused at a young age. They know no love and are not cared for or poorly.

In 2010, the OASIS project was started in Brazil, where underprivileged children from the slums are looked after during the day. Project OASIS focuses on providing a pleasant, good and healthy living environment for children between the ages of 7 and 14. OASIS offers activities aimed at developing children’s self-esteem and leadership. We prepare them to participate in society as good citizens. The activities that we offer are educational, recreational and sporting. Specifically focused on the environment, experiences and the age of the children. The activities that are offered include:

  • English lesson
  • Read
  • Manual skills
  • Vocational training
  • Recreation
  • Development of creativity

Meanwhile, Oasis projects have been started in Indonesia and India and we are in the process of starting a project in Congo.

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