Molengors swimming pool

When the municipality decided in 2008 to close the local outdoor swimming pool in Zuidland, Index Elektro immediately took action to prevent this.

Index Elektro director Jan Willem Weeda entered into a discussion with the municipal administration and a plan was set up to save the swimming pool with volunteers. Thanks to the financial involvement of Index Elektro BV, the swimming pool was able to start in the initial period. In the meantime, the swimming pool is financially independent, supported by a large number of donors and sponsors, including Index Elektro.

Meanwhile, many dozens of volunteers work hard every year to keep the swimming pool open every summer from the end of April to the end of August. In addition, the swimming pool has been expanded to include play equipment, a bouncy castle and a panna field. Technically, many energy-saving measures have also been taken. The swimming pool has now been provided with an insulating water cover and there are ideas for installing solar panels.

Want to know more? Visit the swimming pool website (Dutch) or contact Jan Willem Weeda.