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Index Elektro is an ATEX-certified company which designs and assembles control systems for use in zones with a high explosion risk. We also sell electrotechnical parts for use in these environments.

The company is located in Zuidland, a small village near the Europoort/Botlek area of Rotterdam.



In 2001, more than 15 years of expertise on explosion safety, control-engineering and engineering was brought together in a new company: Index Elektro BV. The name of the company is the Ex-marking in the letter D. In Dutch this is translated as InDEx ("In the Ex"). During its existence, Index Elektro has built a reputation for delivering the right products and solutions for all kinds of applications in the field of explosion safety. Still, every week new customers find their way to Index Elektro, often through word-of-mouth advertising.


Vision and Goal

As of the start there was a clear vision and goal that marked the foundation of the company: quality, flexibility, an excellent price/quality ratio of products and services, and short response and delivery times. Index Elektro BV has the vision to continually develop new global solutions for a variety of purposes in the field of explosion safety.



The vision of quality resulted within three years after the start of Index Elektro BV in certification for:

Several certificates owned by Index Elektro
ISO 9001:2000 Quality system January 2002 DNV
ATEX QM Quality module September 2003 ISSEP
ATEX Control panel assembly EExd en EExe fabricate INDEX April 2004 KEMA

Index Elektro BV has certificates for several of its own products. A complete range of explosion safe audible and visible warning products, like xenon beacons, LED flashing lights, audible sounders, et cetera of the fabricate INDEX are available. For other products certification procedures are in progress.


Flexibility and an excellent price/quality ratio; quick response and delivery times

A look in the Index Elektro office A flexible and customer-oriented method of working in combination with an excellent price/quality ratio ensured that Index Elektro BV, after an explosive beginning, now has a fixed position within its market segment.

We know how important it is to deliver a clear offering on short notice, preferably in direct consult with the customer. Therefore, the processing time of a project can be accelerated substantially. Moreover Index Elektro BV has its own workshop, a flexible way of working and a large stock.



Index Elektro has its own workshop equipped with all neccessary equipment. Except drilling machines and rail- and duct cutters we have a special router for polyester boxes types INDEX.E.AB and INDEX.E.F. Our mechanics are skilled to make ATEX boxes according to current regulations and of course your specifications.

A look in the Index Elektro workshop    A look in the Index Elektro workshop

A look in the Index Elektro workshop    A look in the Index Elektro workshop


More information

Index Elektro Sales manager Ron den HartighIndex Elektro General manager Jan Willem Weeda General manager Jan Willem Weeda en Sales manager Ron den Hartigh welcome your inquiries.

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